A record of consumer spending in the United States is recorded on Black Friday

With the appetite overwhelmed by Black Friday's purchases and offers, thousands of Americans packed up the country's great stores and shopping centers to disburse some $ 4.2 billion.

According to online sales analyzer Adobe Analytics, Internet spending broke records during Thanksgiving week and there was an increase of 14.5% over last year. That is, $ 600.6 million more than in 2018.

“I didn't have many games or gifts as a child,” said Alex Garcia, who got up early along with his little brother Kevin, 7, to buy him the Avengers video game. "My parents had to work hard and the money was not enough for everything."

At Montebello's Best Buy store, Kevin was also looking for Super Mario Party, but he didn't find it.

However, he mentioned that he was happy for the game he would take home. And then he gave a hug to his older brother.

Alex García (i) hugs his brother Kevin, 7, who left Happy Buy after finding his game.

On the day of higher sales in the country, the sales in technology, fashion and beauty, household items, toys and video games; In addition to clothing and accessories for women, they dominated customer purchases.

“I wanted to buy an iPhone for my son Alex Jr., but it is very expensive,” said Alejandro Cisneros. "It's worth $ 1,350, I better get a television."

Thomas Jordan, spokesman for the National Federation of Retailers (NFR), informed La Opinion in a statement that most consumers began shopping for Christmas gifts before.

In fact, in a consumer survey, the NRF found that buyers plan to spend an average of $ 1,047.83 this season, 4% more than the $ 1,007.24 they said they spent last year.

"We plan to spend about $ 1,500," said Corrine Gonzalez, a Pico Rivera resident, after buying a 65-inch wide TV for just $ 479.

“I think about $ 2,000,” added her husband Adrian.

Despite the cold, hundreds of angels decided to make a line from dawn to take advantage of the offers.
Despite the cold, hundreds of angels decided to make a line from dawn to take advantage of the offers.

Cody Grewal, manager of Best Buy of Montebello, said that the hundreds of people who lined up outside the store, despite the freezing weather, were the expectations they had.

"Between Thursday and today (yesterday Friday) people have responded," he said.

In this store, the favorite products of the customers were video games, headphones, speakers, and giant screen televisions. This year, appliances and computers were not as attractive.

"I'll take this air fryer," said Rosy Rojas, a Los Angeles housewife.

"They supposedly say that cooking vegetables here is healthier."

After Thanksgiving dinner, the aisles of major stores and major retailers, such as Amazon, Apple, Bed Bath & Beyond, GameStop, Kohl's, Macy's, JC Penney, Nintendo, Nordstrom, Sephora and Target, were "flooded" by rivers literals of people – even since Thursday night.

This year's favorite products were without a doubt speakers, televisions and video games.

“I really got a good deal. I bought a sweater and a blouse for $ 9.00, ”said Ruby Gonzalez, surprised after her purchase at a JC Penney store. "I also bought pajamas for the kids." Your purchase receipt indicated that you saved $ 82.00.

Andrea Swartz, director of communications for Macy’s, announced that customers found incredible offers in all departments.

Among them, diamond earrings of $ 29.00 with any purchase of $ 50 or more. Cashmere sweaters at $ 39.99 and pots at $ 69.99; as well as 65% discount on meals and decorations

And, although Thanksgiving arrived and was celebrated, with the increase in advertising and the offer of great discounts in stores, consumers like fish fell into the net.

In fact, Adobe Analytics unveiled that at 10:00 a.m., this Friday – Eastern United States time – online purchases reached $ 767 million.

This accelerated Black Friday sales to approximately $ 7.4 billion and it is anticipated that, between Thursday and the so-called Cyber ​​Monday, consumers would spend $ 29,000 million.

To the "Cyber ​​Week" could be added another $ 143,700 million.

During the so-called “Black Friday”, the family of Luis Medel and Angélica Moreno, from Santa Cruz Huitziltepec, Puebla, and their son Bryan took advantage of the holiday to go shopping.

"We've barely spent $ 600," said Medel, who works as a driver, after acquiring video games and a Nintendo Xbox Playstation console for his son.

"I bought some headphones and my wife a blender, but we still have Christmas and gifts for other relatives," he added.

This consumer arrived at the store well sheltered and soon prepared to review the offers.

Also, the Vélez family – Javier and Jessica and their children Marlene, Javier and Jeffrey – were happy with their purchases of Pokémon video games, Super Smart Brothers, Super Mario Oddisey, an Echo Show monitor and Yoshis Crafted World, a scrolling platform video game side for the Nintendo Switch console, and two speakers.

"We already bought here (at Best Buy), but I used to go to Home Depot to buy me a compressor, because I'm a tile installer," Javier said. “We are not done yet; from here we will go to Walmart. ”

However, the happiest of this family was Marlene. His father also paid for the speakers.
Supposedly, a horn would be for her but no. "She will give it as a Christmas gift to her boyfriend," he said.


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