The history of tacos dates back about 200 years ago, they emerged in Mexico and have crossed borders

The gastronomic records of the appearance of the taco date back to the 19th century, its predecessor was called “wrapped" It consisted of an omelet stuffed with different stews accompanied by sauce. Others point to the taco origin It is due to the miners who resided in Mexico City around 1810. It was until the 1950s when the United States arrived, today there are many shops, but what are the best taquerías in Los Angeles?

1. Homestate

It is a style restaurant tex-mex Offering tacos with handmade flour tortillas, the specialty is those melted with cheese for breakfast.

2. Tacos Don Goyo

Authentic tacos al pastor are served with handmade tortillas, in addition to a great variety of sauces.

3. Herrera Tacos de Canasta

Near the Mexican consulate in Westlake is this place that offers the traditional “sweaty” tacos of various stews accompanied by green sauce.

4. Petty Cash Taquería

A delicious seasoned octopus is the stew served in this place, it is accompanied by tree chili sauce.

5. Casa la Doña

The classic tacos de suadero, sausage or shepherd are the specialty, the best thing is that there are also options for consumption of vegetarian people.

One of the great dishes of world cuisine is also found in the United States. The great offer is considerable and extremely delicious, now that you know, how many will you want?

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