These tips will help you, especially if you live near mountains or in flood prone areas

Storms in Los Angeles: 10 things you need to do to prevent disasters

The storm can bring landslides, especially in areas affected by recent fires.

LA County Emergency Response file.

LOS ANGELES.-Authorities of Los Angeles County they reminded the population today that one of the main risks in the area in front of storms are the landslides Due to recent fires. This, coupled with the possible flooding, makes it of the utmost importance be prepared and protect our lives and homes.

"He National Metereological Service has predicted storms, strong rains, hail and even snow“, Reported in a statement Kevin McGowan, director of the Office of Emergency Management. “We invite everyone to monitor the weather conditions… Stay alert and informed It is the first step to prepare for a disaster situation. ”

According to the forecast, the rains will threaten the Los Angeles area during the celebrations by the Thanksgiving, since this wednesday and at least until Friday November 29th.

The Office of Emergency Management published a manual with tips for the population. Some of the indications included there are the following:

  • Clean the leaves, soil or debris of drains and gutters near your house.
  • If possible, store rainwater: water tanks or barrels to catch and retain more water.
  • Use sandbags. Sandbags can help protect the house before a storm. If you need it, you can check this page to locate the nearest fire station, where you can get free sandbags.
  • Secure trash cans, recycling and any other object that can fly or floating
  • During the storms, avoid waterways, flood control channels and the ocean, as they can grow rapidly and become very dangerous.
  • Check your car: make sure the tires are not worn and that windshield wipers They work well.
  • Turn on the front lights of your car when it rains.
  • Sign up in the Emergency Alerts service.
  • If you live near hills and mountains, prepare an emergency kit, in case you have to evacuate. It includes important documents, useful medicines and changes of clothes.
  • If you find yourself facing a stalemate or flooded area, do not try to cross it. Stay away from water currents.

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