The famous amusement parks will adjust their schedules during Thanksgiving

Disneyland also suffers from storms in southern California

Although they are days of great influx, Disneyland will adjust its schedule on holidays for the rains.

Gene Duncan / Disney Parks via Getty Images

Disneyland will adjust your schedules East Wednesday and Thursday due to storms that are predicted in the southern California. Through its official Twitter account, it has been announced that the amusement park will work these days on a schedule of 8 in the morning to 11 at night, while Disney California Adventure it will be open only until 10 p.m.during these days of Thanksgiving.

It had originally been reported that both theme parks would be open one hour later from your normal schedule, well these days are considered "peak", or high demand. However, the Climate conditions They have changed the plan.

He National Metereological Service has forecast between 1.5 and 2 inches of rain in the zone of Anaheim, where the parks are located. "Grab your raincoat and come have fun with us," they invited in the same message.

Meanwhile, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Studios have not announced adjustments to their schedules.

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