Rosario Marín warned the Republican Party that the measure would affect the party in California; although he defends the work of his ex-chief

For more than two decades, Republican Rosario Marín has been recognized for her work as former councilor and former mayor of the city of Huntington Park and for becoming the second Latin treasurer of the United States.

But her name has also been widely related to Proposition 187 — which was trying to criminalize undocumented immigrants — since at that time she worked as a spokesman for Governor Pete Wilson for the Latino community.

“I had four positions from 1992 to 1998,” Marín said during an interview with La Opinión. "I was working with the governor on his re-election and although he supported his re-election, I was against 187."

Cover of the newspaper one day after the victory of Governor Pete Wilson. (Archive)

Opting for being republican

Marín is a native of Mexico City and arrived in the United States with her family when she was 14 years old. His father obtained visas for the family that allowed him to legally enter and settle in the city of Huntington Park, southeast of Los Angeles.

In 1984 she became a citizen, but had little knowledge of US policy. So when it came time to register to vote, I did not know the difference between the two most important political parties.

“I worked at City National Bank and I remember that my boss was passing by and I asked him for a recommendation (to register) and he told me‘ Republican, honey! Republican. "(Republican, dear! Republican.)" Marin recalled.

That same year Ronald Reagan was re-elected as president and Marín was able to vote for the first time and did it for him. His admiration increased with each presentation Reagan made to the communities.

“I felt that he was talking to me, that he was going to give me the opportunity to improve in this country,” said Marin.

Rosario Marin was exvocera of Governor Pete Wilson. (Archive)

Against the 187

Marín recalls that since propaganda began to pass Proposition 187, which prohibited offering education and health services to the undocumented, she was associated with the measure regardless of their opposition.

“At that time I didn't have a friend. The Democrats were telling me, ‘How can you be in favor of his re-election (of Wilson)? And the Republicans were telling me, how can you be against 187, ”Marín recalled. "And I told Republicans that these racist policies would only allow us to lose positions in the government."

However, Marin did favor the re-election of Pete Wilson completely.

"I was in the administration (Wilson) and I can clearly refute the good and bad things," Marín said.

Among the good things she found in the governor was the support she offered to people with disabilities, something that for Marin was a primary issue since she has a son with Down syndrome. Another was the economy.

"When (Wilson) arrived as governor, California had a deficit of 14 billion dollars, on a budget of 44 billion and when he left he left it with a surplus of 9 billion," said the former treasurer.

Fortunately for many, Proposition 187 was overthrown in federal court because it was considered unconstitutional.

Wilson visit Huntington park

Marin said that despite winning the grudge of both political parties, she remained focused on her role as a member of the city council of Huntington Park. In his effort to eliminate gangs from his city, Marin managed to take Governor Wilson in 1996 to do something.

"At that time (the journalist), Alicia Alarcón had a radio program and I said, 'The 187 has not killed anyone, but the gangs have done it,'" Marin said recalling the story of a girl of 11 years she was killed in front of her house and died at the hands of her father.

"And I said, if the governor can do something, I prefer that he come and help my children who are dying," Marin recalled.

His intervention got the governor to give two helicopters to patrol the streets of Huntington Park by air on weekends.

“We had a pilot in the Huntington Park police that arrived from 7 p.m. on Friday until Sunday. The gang members ending up running away from Huntington Park, ”said Marín.

The now lecturer culminated her term at the town hall in 2001 after being nominated as treasurer of the United States under the administration of George W. Bush.

Against Trump

Despite being a Republican, Marin has been very clear in opposing Trump's policies, of which several are very similar to what Proposition 187 proposed.

"The 187 was unconstitutional, I always spoke loudly that it was not going to help us (the Republicans) and it was seen when the Republicans lost greatly in California," said Marin. "Now it would be easier to find a unicorn than a high-ranking Republican in Huntington Park."

Marín said anti-immigrant policies only divide communities.

"We have 800,000 new Latino voters every year and we cannot expect them to vote for (Republicans) when we offend their relatives, grandparents, uncles, and their parents," Marin said.


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