The roof collapsed in the building south of Los Angeles, in the city of Tustin

An apartment building burst into flame the early morning of this Wednesday in the city of Tustinsouth of The Angels. As a result, the authorities report total loss of propertyand at least 2 injured.

The fire was classified as level 5, and caused the the roof collapsed in the building of 40 apartments, located at number 15751 of the street Williamsnear the avenue McFadden, according to the County Fire Department of Orange.

The authorities attended the report at 3:01 a.m, and after 6 in the morning they were still trying to put out the fire. The fire fighting was extended when, in the middle of firefighters' work, a part of the second floor facade set fire and rekindled the fire.

The address provided by the authorities corresponds to the building “Chatham Village Apartments“, From which about 100 people were evacuated. The authorities warned that it is not yet confirmed that all tenants are safe, as they were still conducting an inspection on site. "The fire spread very quickly," firefighter Tony Bommarito told NBC. It is not clear how many people were inside, so it is not yet confirm the total number of victims.

The only thing confirmed is that 2 people were taken to the hospital after the incident. No firefighter was injured.

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