Rescued individual injured by fire in San Bernardino

They rescue a man from fire in San Bernardino. Another one was rescued in Los Feliz, Los Angeles

San Bernardino County Fire.

One person went rescued this Sunday night after broke into flames a building in Saint Bernardine, as reported on fire Department County.

According to the report initially received, the occupant will refused to pay the building That caught fire. But after the work of the firemen, it was learned that the individual had suffered injuries from the fire.

With the help of the Policeman from the city, the ground floor of the two-story building was evacuated, like the apartments located on the sides To prevent injuries. But the second floor occupant He was still inside the place, so firefighters stormed the building and took him out, victim of injuries due to the fire.

He rescue was registered successfully and the wounded was taken to a medical center.

On the other hand, an individual suffered severe wounds by another fire at 9:45 in the Los Feliz area, in The Angels, as reported on Monday morning.

The fire was extinguished in 21 minutes on the street West Evans, and the paramedics took the 27-year-old wounded to the hospital.

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