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(Partner Article) Whether your pregnancy is planned or a happy surprise, finding a qualified medical team that meets your expectations for your prenatal care can be a delicate task for anyone who has not grown up in the United States. Although considered a medical act, birth remains a unique and exceptional event. Unlike other types of hospitalizations (which are never planned), the pregnant woman has some control over where she will be followed and where she will be hospitalized for delivery. Dr. Georges Sylvestre, French-speaking obstetrician gynecologist, offers you 7 ways to prepare a happy event.

Minimize your costs

This is not what we would like to think about first, yet in the United States it would be oblivious to not thinking about the medical costs of a birth. To minimize these costs, choose a doctor and a hospital that are networked and accept your health insurance policy. This will save you excessive overhead.

Take a birth preparation class

Benefit from physical and mental preparation is always a positive thing upstream of childbirth. Your clinic or hospital may also sometimes recommend other preparation classes, such as breastfeeding and infant care. These are generally very useful, especially if it is your first child.

Complications of pregnancy?

If you are at risk of developing complications during your pregnancy, you may want to choose an obstetrician trained in maternal fetal medicine. These doctors are accustomed to patients with underlying conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, those who expect twins or those who have used in-vitro fertilization.

Birth house or hospital?

In New York, there are a few birthing houses where midwives perform births outside the hospital setting. This may be fine if everything goes very well, but since such a structure is unable to cope with the unforeseen events that may occur during birth, a large number of patients are rushed to hospital in the middle of their lives. job. Another downside is that it is not possible to receive an epidural. Dr. Sylvestre is fortunate to work in a hospital that has an "integrated" birth center. Although birthing rooms are more like your room at home, it is possible to manage emergencies that may occur during labor, during delivery and immediately after birth.

Give yourself a doula

A doula is a professional who is neither a midwife nor a doctor but is an expert in accompaniment. Specifically, a doula offers non-medical support to parents during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It informs, so that parents make their own choices according to their values, their history and understand better what is offered to them. If you do not have a doula and your spouse does not feel fit to take on this role, ask a sister, your mother or a friend who has given birth. Studies have shown that the mere presence of a caregiver reduces anxiety during labor and delivery, and may even lower your risk of Caesarean section.

Prepare your birth plan

A birth plan is a document prepared for professionals who will accompany you during delivery. This plan helps the medical team to know you better and to know what your preferences are, your wishes. The drafting of the plan is a good opportunity to reflect with your partner on the various choices available to you such as your preferences regarding the onset of work, the choice of your companions, cesarean section, breastfeeding, etc. This plan will help you feel more in control of your delivery.

Choose a doctor who will respect your choices

Choose a doctor who is really at your service and who answers all your questions. For example, some doctors present the epidural as the only option to manage pain during labor, however some women prefer a less radical approach and will resort to hypnotherapy, massage or breathing techniques.

There are in New York a dozen excellent hospitals with maternity and many excellent doctors. Choose your team wisely!

Contact Dr. Sylvestre at (212) 746-7844

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