A supporter of the current administration is arrested by the authorities when spraying pepper gas to the protesters

At least one person was arrested after a protest against President Donald Trump will become chaotic when some supporters of the leader they beat the protesters, according to authorities.

The individual who was arrested had not been identified so far, but could be identified by the videos that some of the protesters and people who had nothing to do with the protest recorded.

The unidentified detainee can be seen in the scenes of a video wearing a cap flipped with the motto Make America Great Again (MAGA), attacking the group, indiscriminately spraying pepper gas or a substance similar to protesters and other bystanders who were walking along the pier on Saturday afternoon, according to protest organizers and a video that was supplied to the News Service of the city.

The demonstration was organized by the group called RefuseFascism.org and coincided with other protests that were organized nationwide the same day, including the protest in New York City, where protesters were planted outside Trump's hotel.

Mari Matsuoka, spokeswoman for the organization that has repeatedly demonstrated in Los Angeles during the president’s visits and members from his cabinet, said what happened on Saturday is part of a protracted protest against the Trump administration-Pence, and that will continue until they reach their goal: to get them out of the White House.

"The people of Puerto Rico and Hong Kong have taught us how to do it," Matsuoka said. "What we want to do is make this a campaign and not just a one-day protest."

The demonstration began on the beach at noon, with a group of volunteers fixing a giant blanket that was deployed in the sand and could be seen from above: “Trump Pence Out Now" The blanket can be seen in one of the videos that the organizers distributed to the media.

After displaying the message in the sand, protesters walked from the beach to the Santa Monica pier at about 2 p.m. It was precisely at that time when the participants in the protest were confronted by dozens of supporters of President Trump, according to a video on YouTube that was uploaded by the group ‘Be less stupid’.

At the beginning of the confrontation, the police did not show signs of life either on the pier or on the beach or the seaway, that allowed members who sympathize with the current administration to gradually infiltrate with protesters against the system and ended up exacerbating the tension between both groups.

"The President's supporters were already on the dock when we arrived from the beach," said Atlas Winfrey, an activist and organizer of the demonstration against Trump.

"The people of Trump with their caps and waving their flags were already at the place where we arrived, to intimidate and incite a confrontation," Winfrey said. “We told the people who were with us not to be intimidated, that our goal was to make a peaceful and violence-free protest.

According to what can be seen in the video, the peaceful demonstration turned into chaos just as some of Trump's supporters started pushing people and suddenly, one of his supporters pulled out a pepper spray can and He began spraying the faces of his opponents, even the same passersby who were walking around at that time.

Some of those present while trying to run to avoid pepper gas fell to the ground, others continued to push and lean back so as not to be attacked and avoid gas in the face.

At one point in the video, you can see a man who tries to prevent the person with the spray can continue spraying the crowd, so he manages to throw it away. However, the individual returns and begins to spray pepper gas to the people who were lying on the ground, but again he was pushed by a person. It was then that the police finally appear and the individual with the spray can is stopped. Although it is not very clear if that person was arrested or simply detained for a moment.

The Santa Monica police until then had reported that they had no details about what happened at the dock. CNS


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