People in Hollywood's hillside neighborhoods used to have creatures in their festivities

The Los Angeles Council on Tuesday approved a rule that prohibits the use of exotic and wild animals in private parties.

The measure was under discussion since 2016.

“The theme of wild, exotic and even dangerous animals used for entertainment came to our door four years ago, when a giraffe and an elephant they were strolled through Hollywood Hills for a house party, ”said the councilman David Ryu. "It's time for the city of Los Angeles to make it absolutely clear that this abuse of wild animals is shameful, and we won't defend it."

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The ordinance makes it clear that they are prohibited entertainment acts where animals participate regardless of whether they are paid events or not.

The list of protected animals includes lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, pumas, cheetahs, wolves, bears, elephants, hippos, giraffes, chimpanzees, snakes, among others.

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Educators and animalists They may use the animals in their pedagogical sessions although with permission from the Los Angeles Zoo.

The law should now be sanctioned by Mayor Eric Garcetti.


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