Philippe Besson. / Wikimedia

While the hypothesis of seeing Philippe Besson land at the Consulate of Los Angeles seemed to move away, this soap opera experiencing a new rebound. After being rejected by the Council of State, the President of the Republic has found a way to appoint the writer, according to information from the weekly Challenges which quotes "several sources within the government".

Emmanuel Macron plans to include the opening of the recruitment of these senior executives of the public service in the law. according to Challengesthis measure should be introduced in the Public Service Transformation Bill. Article 7 of the text should thus make it possible "To diversify the recruiting pools in the senior management of the civil service by opening the possibility of appointing people who do not have the quality of civil servant to the jobs of direction of the State", according to the presentation of the bill. According to a government source interviewed by Challengesthis would allow people who are not part of the public service "To occupy positions of responsibility such as that of the consuls-general, as is already the case for the ambassadors". This law would then allow the President of the Republic to appoint by presidential decree Philippe Besson Consul General in Los Angeles by the end of the summer, when the post will be vacant.

A solution that makes you react. Thus the senator representing the French established outside France, Hélène Conwat-Mouret (PS) regrets a "Funny conception of the role of a consul general". "As if this one did not need administrative experience in human resources to manage a team! Is writing a novel the best training? What about all those who pass the competitions, then go through all the consular services before aspiring to be named "team leader"?, questions the socialist elected on her Facebook account.

This solution comes after the Council of State canceled in March the decree issued by the government in August 2018 to name the famous writer close to the Macron and other people appointed by the government to some 22 consul posts around the world. . The high court had thus followed the appeal of the CFDT of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which asked in October the cancellation of this controversial decree.


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