January 1 is the date on which the City would begin to give the first permits, according to the law approved

Permits for street vendors in Los Angeles have not yet started and they already want to limit them

If approved, the motion that Councilman John Lee initiated to limit permits to street vendors would mark a sharp setback to the victory of the more than 50,000 vendors who fought for the law in past years.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

LOS ANGELES.- Froml January 1, 2020, the authorities of The Angels would be starting to give permits to street vendors, according to the law passed for sale on sidewalks and parks.

Nevertheless, John lee, city ​​councilor, think it is need to limit permissions so as not to affect the established businesses. For this reason, has driven a motion which would limit the permit system and extend the penalties, according to the statement.

The approved law requires that sellers request permits from the authorities and, if the sale is of food, permits from the authorities of Health. If sellers do not have such permits, they would be subject to fines.

"Fines are not enough to ensure that sellers follow the new rules, ”says the Republican councilor, who represents an area of ​​the San Fernando Valley. “The city should establish more penalty optionsincluding punishments for those who do not respect the laws, ”he said.

Isela Gracian, President of East LA Community Corporationhe told the news site LAist, what do you think "outrageous" that the councilor is pressing to approve this measure, “when still there has been no opportunity to see how the new program is implemented“, Since the permit system is barely in force.

Gracian said the move Lee is pushing could lead to recriminalize to street vendors, which is a setback to legalization achieved after years of struggle.

Since the law was passed, it was estimated that the permit system to sell on sidewalks and parks It will help 50,000 vendors in Los Angeles.

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