The Downey School District approved a sex education program for students, however, a group of parents expressed disgust. The parents affirm that the content of the books is explicit and vulgar, and more so if it is a material that is aimed at children.

"It seems disgusting, disgusting to me and my children," said Olga Abrego, one of the mothers dissatisfied with the program.

The books are part of the district sex education program and They are texts that in addition to talking about masturbation, oral and anal sex, also give instructions.

“Imagine giving sexual instructions to children 12 or 13 years old. I think it's vulgar and grotesque, ”said another parent.

Parents were informed that this last topic could be addressed by teachers and appears in books offered online.

Many of the parents feel that they were never informed or their opinion on this issue was taken into account.

The Downey School District confirmed that they had two meetings in May with parents and multiple informational presentations during the summer.

Parents are totally free to be able to absent their children from the courses and may opt for alternative teaching methods, depending on the district.

The sex education program has already been approved and is expected to begin next year.

On Tuesday there will be a school board and parents are expected to show their opposition to the program.


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