Dads who had been deported arrived at Los Angeles Airport, where their children were waiting for them

Nine deported migrant parents at the time when the president’s administration, Donald Trump, separated thousands of migrant families during 2018, they returned on Wednesday night To united states. They could like this meet with your children, of those who were away for up to a year and a half.

The group arrived at Los Angeles International Airport from the city of Guatemala. The trip was organized by order of a federal judge, after it determined that the government had prevented illegally to those parents ask for asylum in United States. A lawyer who follows this case confirmed that the nine parents were on board the flight.

The return of these migrants, some of them received at the Californian airport by the children, also serves as a reminder of the long-term effects of the family separation policy Trump, officially launched for several weeks in 2018, says The Associated Press.

Hundreds, and potentially up to thousands of other parents and children remain separated almost two years after that policy, known as zero tolerance and applied at unauthorized border crossings, entered into force in April of that year. The program sought to prosecute all migrants who crossed the border, and that is why it involved dividing parents accused of the children they arrived with.

“There are many people who have been traumatized by the family separation policy, your pain will not be repaired", he claimed Linda Grimm, legal representative of one of the parents who returned to the United States on Wednesday.

The zero tolerance policy was withdrawn after the district judge ordered it Dana Sabraw in June 2018. But later, the Government admitted that it was separating families even before that plan started. It is currently estimated that more of 4,000 children were separated from their parents, before and during the official implementation of the administration's zero tolerance policy.

In the time before that implementation, government agencies they did not record the separations properly. Some of the centers where migrants were locked up were overpopulated Y poorly stocked. Many families were denied food, water or medical care.

Tears and hugs at the airport

Byron, the 9 year old son of David Xol, is one of the children who was waiting for his dad on Wednesday at the Los Angeles airport (LAX). The man fell to his knees and hugged him in tears for about three minutes, reports AP.

"He was small," David said after standing up. "It grew a lot," he added. The boy was in foster care in an American family since May 2019. Previously, spent 11 months in government facilities. He and his father are now expected to settle in California.

Cleivi Jerez, 41, is instead the wife of Esvin Fernando Arredondo, a man deported also in 2018. She arrived at the Los Angeles airport with her Three daughters 17, 13 and 7 years to wait for the husband. "I'm nervous, I couldn't sleep last night," the woman said in Spanish after the landing of the plane in which he traveled.

Although the Government has stopped large-scale family separations, it has also implemented policies to curb the entry of many asylum seekers into the country. Under the “Stay in Mexico” policy, more than 50,000 people have been forced to wait in that country the resolution of your requests.

The Trump administration is also increasing deportations of Central Americans to other countries in the region, to request asylum there and not in Washington.

Edited by Francesco Rodella with information from The Associated Press.

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