The intention of the artist is to draw the attention of pedestrians and visitors on a subject that affects everyone

Monumental sculpture of a ‘homeless’ in Santa Monica unleashes controversy

"In The Image", the work of Ed Massey.

Ed Massey (supplied)

LOS ANGELES.- A 7 foot tall sculpture has been placed in the heart of Santa Monica as part of a new art installation unveiled this week. Created by the well-known local artist Ed Massey, portrays the figure of a man without a house, with a blanket over the left shoulder and a large glass in the right hand.

Titled "In The Image", the sculpture is found in Wilshire corner and 26th street in the city of Santa Monica. It was placed instead of a work that portrayed a family, in front of a mural that was also removed.

But some people think that the situation of the homeless It is not something you can be proud of or that is suitable for receiving visitors from the city.

The artist, who He is also an activist and son of migrants from Mexico and France, He states in the description of his work that he was inspired by a helpless man he met 20 years ago. “The goal was always to be in the public space, so that the spectators and pedestrians could contemplate their gaze and raise the discourse on the subject (of the homeless) – a subject that has come to affect all of us, where we work and we live ".

In the Los Angeles area almost 59,000 people sleep on the streets of the city.

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