Irma Silva is excited for the nomination in the northern regional music category

What began as a tender thanks from a grandson to his grandmother – both born singers – amazingly became an unimaginable celebration when he was nominated for the
Latin Grammy 2019.

Jorge Loayzat, a member of the northern group Buyuchek, said that in his family there have always been singers and musicians, who have learned the art alone.

“We are ear musicians. We don't study music or anything like that, ”said the native of Nuevo León, Mexico. "And always while we were playing, my grandmother was at a bark telling us when we were defining."

It was that great support that Irma G. Silva, 81, gave them – or "the grandmother" as everyone already knows it – that motivated Loayzat to record a record where she was the lead singer.
"I told my classmates to help me and I put my savings to record the record," he recalled.

“It was never with the sense of wanting to become famous or anything like that. At first it was just a thank you. ”

A dream come true

"The grandmother" said that from a very young age she liked music and had such a good voice that in elementary school every time there was a special event they put her to sing.

"My teachers liked how I sang and they passed me in front," Silva recalled.

However, growing up in an environment of machismo and poverty in his hometown of General Terán did not help him achieve his dream in music.

Irma G. Silva, 81, has been nominated for the Latin Grammy with the Buyucheck group in the Northern musical group category. (Supplied)

She married and dedicated herself to her husband and five children. For many years she was a seamstress and in her work she liked to have her radio aside while doing her dressmaker work.

However, her good ear for music never failed her and when her grandson began to get involved in music she enjoyed listening to it with the other Buyuchek members to help them improve.

As a gift for her 80th anniversary, Buyuchek proposed the idea of ​​recording one of her favorite songs and she couldn't believe it.

“I did not expect it because I am no longer old for that,” said Silva. "But I like those songs like‘ La Pajarera ’and they remind me of my dad."

In 2018, a bit skeptical but excited, he decided to record his first album entitled “Buyuchek and La Abuela Irma Silva”, something they thought would remain only as a gift to Grandma for her birthday.

However, Miguel Cienfuegos – accordionist of the group – was the one who proposed to experiment on social networks.

"We made a video on Facebook where we told fans to help us with 100,000 views," he said.

To his amazement the number was exceeded in less than half a day under the hashtag #elretodelaabuela.

This motivated the group to professionally launch the octogenarian artist as a vocalist for the Buyuchek group with an album titled "Grandma's Songs."

They also recorded a DVD at the "Hacienda El Granjenal" where Silva lived for more than 50 years.

The nomination arrives

A few days ago, the group received the news that they have been nominated for Latin Grammys in the regional regional music category where they will compete with the Bronco, Intocable and Caliber 50 groups.

Silva said that, despite not knowing initially the magnitude of these awards, she felt very happy to be nominated.

"I didn't expect it … I felt very happy," he confessed to La Opinión.

Loayzat said that when they started the project, the grandmother became very shy but has already adapted over time.

Silva says that at the end of 2018, and in the middle of the project, his oldest son died of cancer, at 59. This depressed her so much that she no longer felt strong enough to move on.
"But I could not back down and the doctor told me that this would help me," he recalled.

And he was not wrong. Silva acknowledges that music has helped him overcome his son's death.

"On November 14 that is the date (of the Latin Grammy) and my son turns a year of deceased," Silva said asserting that it has been a very pleasant coincidence.

Loayzat said he hopes this album will be a wake-up call for many young people who still have their grandparents alive.

“This was such a selfless and noble way of having something from grandma. A good gift for when we are missing, ”he said and said that now Silva has become the grandmother of all of northern Mexico.

"So there is a grandmother for a while," said the young singer enthusiastically. The Latin Grammys will be held on Thursday, November 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada ..


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