The objective is to minimize the impact that biodegradable products cause on the environment

Los Angeles wants to ban the sale of water in plastic bottles

A town in Concord, Massachusetts, USA, prohibits selling water in plastic bottles

Ciro César / The Opinion

The Los Angeles Council voted this week in favor of a law banning the sale of water in plastic bottles at City-sponsored facilities and events.

The decision was made based on the fact that the decomposition of a plastic bottle takes centuries; and the vast majority of these containers end up in landfills polluting the environment.

He vote of the councilors it was a order for what various departments from the city present to the councilors recommendations on how put on in March the prohibition of the Water bottled up in plastic. This should include a report with suggestions on the modifications that should be made to the permits for events and contracts with the merchants; and about what would happen if all the water bottles of the Los Angeles International Airport are eliminated, the impact on travelers and merchants.

It is requested to include water bottling and recycling companies in the discussion.

A new study reveals that almost all the bottles of water of 11 brands analyzed contain plastic particles. (Getty Images)

The author of the measure, Councilman Paul Krekorian explained that they want to gradually eliminate the use of plastics due to their negative effects on the environment, but also criticized that money be made from something that is a human right.

"When we see that there are 2,000 million people in the world who do not have healthy water sources, you can imagine how that contributes to instability and global health," he said during his speech at the council hearing in which the measure was approved. .

He regretted that people are allowed to become billionaires by making money from a natural resource that belongs to everyone, and create a harmful environment like water in plastic bottles.

In addition, tap water is 3,000 times cheaper than what is sold bottled in plastic.

Plastic containers can take hundreds of years to decompose. (Archive / Opinion).

Mayor Eric Garcetti has proposed that the Los Angeles International Airport and other facilities in the city join the ban on the sale of water in plastic. "In six years, these initiatives will not only help the environment but the people who live here," he said.

The Department of Water and Energy is installing Y renewing 200 drinkers public for to ease he consumption of the liquid vital in the parks Y areas from recreation from the city. A project that will be completed by 2022, and which is part of the preparations for the 2028 Olympic Games, and the New Green Agreement of the City.

This summer the San Francisco International Airport established a ban on the sale of water in plastic bottles. Travelers can no longer buy water bottles at airport stores, restaurants or vending machines. On the contrary, they now have to carry their own container or buy one at the airport to stock up on water in public drinking fountains.

It is increasingly promoted that drinking water from the drinking fountain and avoid buying bottled water. (AP Photo / Eric Risberg)

On the other hand, in 2014, the City of San Francisco enacted a law to ban water in plastic bottles on the City's land, local government agencies and in large city-owned events. The ordinance does not affect private businesses.

This year, the law was extended to limit the sale and distribution of packaged water on city properties such as sealed boxes, bags, cans and other containers with a capacity of one liter or less.


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