Scammers in southern Califronia were able to take up to $ 14,000 in cash

They have no grandmother! They cheated old Hispanic women with fake lottery tickets

They were looking for old women alone and, in Spanish, they asked for money.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

LOS ANGELES.- They were looking for some old woman alone walking down the street or shopping in a store. One of the scammers was approaching and, speaking to him in SpanishI showed him a lottery ticket ensuring that he was a winner, but that needed help to collect it.

Even the scammer said it was undocumented and that why I couldn't collect the prize. When convinced the old woman, accompanied her to your home or to the bank to get money and finally escaped: until $ 14,000 in cash and $ 10,000 in jewelry They got to take them away.

This week was reported the arrest of a group of scammers operating in Southern California. According to a statement from Justice Department, three women and one man of nationalities Colombian and American they are under arrest for committing this type of scams in cities like Chula Vista, Lakewood and San Pedro. Three of them were arrested in Long beach and the fourth person, in San Diego.

Luisa Camargo, 38 years old; Mercedes Montanez, of 68; Tito Lozada, of 49, and Maria Luisa Henao, of 43, face federal charges for defrauding six women from among 64 and 81 years old, but prosecutors believe they committed up 11 crimes since 2017.

"No one should give money to receive money“, Insisted the FBI special agent, Voviette D. Morgan, who said the FBI continues to receive many complaints of this type of fraud.

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