More businesses are opened, as the death toll from the coronavirus increases again in LA.

Los Angeles residents at their own risk this weekend

Angels walk on the Venice beach. (EFE)


Los Angeles County authorities announced the deaths of at least four dozen new people infected with the coronavirus Wednesday through Thursday, while giving the green light to the opening of more businesses with restricted operations.

However, they wanted to make it clear to people that the more public interaction there is, the threat of a COVID-19 contagion will increase.

Barbara Ferrer, director of the county's Department of Public Health, had to again emphasize the danger of the virus, stressing that it is more deadly than the flu.

"Last year, 125 people died of influenza and a year earlier, about 300 people died," said Ferrer. "On average, we lose around 250 lives from influenza each year."

The director mentioned that the concern was obvious since the number of victims of influenza cannot be compared with the deaths left by COVID-19.

"It is very worrying, because it far exceeds what we are normally used to seeing with

a virus or a contagious disease, "he stressed.

Ferrer reported that Thursday there were 51 fatalities of the coronavirus, although 4 of that total were said to have been reported a day earlier by officials from Long Beach and Pasadena.

New red numbers representing coranovirus victims brought the total death toll to 1,711 in Los Angeles County.

A month ago, COVID-19 was proclaimed by the county as the leading cause of death in the population, beating flu, lung and heart disease.

The director also emphasized that coronavirus can be deadly for people of all ages, particularly those with underlying health conditions. Of the people who died in the county, 92% had alternate health conditions.

"In fact, 40% of people who have died were 65 or younger, which means that there are many people with health problems

in different age groups and once they get sick from COVID-19, unfortunately they also lose their lives, "said Ferrer.

During this recovery period in which more people will leave their homes, the director explained that this means that there is a possibility that more people will become infected.

"This means that more people can infect other people," he said. "So if you have a chronic illness (…), better take a moment and try to stay home as long as possible."

Ferrer announced 925 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, while Long Beach added another 63 and Pasadena another 55, bringing the county's number to a total of 35,447.

On Wednesday, county officials issued a revised health order that allows all retail businesses to reopen only for customers to pick up the product on the sidewalk. Customers cannot enter businesses. While retailers located within

closed shopping centers are still prohibited from reopening.

Other businesses that may open Friday are recreational facilities such as equestrian centers, tennis, and community gardens, but with restrictions, including facial covers, social distancing, and visitor limits.


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