Moments after the LAPD officer provided help, the car they were traveling in was completely covered in fire

During his routine patrol on Friday the 18th, an officer from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) helped a handicapped man who was riding in a car that suddenly caught fire.

It was 5:50 in the afternoon when the LAPD agent was patrolling the Pacoima area, exactly between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Paxton Street, when he saw that the car in front of his unit was generating a lot of smoke.

After getting out of the car to help the driver in trouble, the officer is informed that the passenger is disabled, and it is observed from his body camera as the amount of smoke increases rapidly while the man is trapped unable to get out on their own.

As the car driver tries to quickly find the man’s wheelchair, the LAPD agent decides to carry him in his arms to get him out of the car and put him to safety.

Moments later the driver helps the policeman to move him to an area further away from the flames and the car is completely covered by fire.

Man’s wheelchair could not be saved, but another LAPD officer donated one to replace the loss, as reported by the department.

It is unknown what started the fire in the car.

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