There has been a sharp decline in Latino representation in the entertainment industry

Los Angeles mayor launches effort to connect Latino talent with Hollywood

Eric Garcetti is mayor of Los Angeles since 2013

Aurelia Ventura / Opinion / ImpreMedia

Accompanied by actress Eva Longoria, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti launched the Latinx Access (LA) collaboration initiative to increase Latino representation in the entertainment industry by connecting artists, executives and creators with Hollywood opportunities.

The goal of this unprecedented initiative is to double Latin representation in Hollywood by 2030.

"The Latinx community is a growing force throughout the Los Angeles economy, and our distinctive industry must touch that diversity of talent in our neighborhood," said the mayor at the Boyle Heights Conservatory of Arts.

“On the big or small screens, in front or behind the camera, our studios, actors, directors and producers inspire the world with the power of their creativity and imagination, and this collaborative will help bring new voices and dynamic writers by including and empower the next generation of Latinx leaders, ”he said.

A recent study by Annenberg of the University of Southern California (USC), showed that while Latinos represent almost 20% of the population of the United States, and 25% of the box office, its representation in the industry declined 50% in the last decade, from 6% in the workforce in 2009 to 3% at present.

This year, this initiative will focus on reversing this trend by supporting Latinx talent with skills to develop and promote collaborations with Latinx creators and producers, filmmakers, buyers, show businessmen and industry allies.

Mayor Garcetti co-founded this collaboration with Beatriz Acevedo, founder of Mitu and president of the Acevedo Foundation, and Ivette Rodríguez, president of AEM, among others.

"By facilitating this unprecedented collaboration between the creative community, studios, buyers and allies, we will achieve exponential growth for the industry and our community," said Beatriz Acevedo, co-founder of the initiative.

Eva Longoria commented that as a Latina she wants to see more actors who look like her on the screen and behind the camera.

"I am starting my own production company to create content from our community, and I became a director and producer to be in the position of hiring people who look like me," he said.

"With this initiative, I want to open the door to more Latinx creators, and feed the emergence of a better entertainment industry that elevates and celebrates the diversity and richness of my culture.", I note.


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