The Christian Assembly Church in Los Angeles, California, raised a huge amount of money that he decided to use to pay the medical debts of 5,555 families who were in economic difficulties, according to ABC.

"Due to the generosity of the people at Christian Assembly Church, we can give a Christmas gift to the people of Los Angeles, without any commitment," said Tom Hughes, co-pastor of the church, in a video where he also announced that 5,555 people will receive letters by mail this week.

The church also announced that the debt was paid by RIP Medical Debt, which is a nonprofit group that helps eliminate the burden of families' medical bills.

With this organization, the church can eliminate $ 5.3 million of debt

contracted for medical care of these 5,555 families living in 28 different neighborhoods of Los Angeles, according to Kron 4.

The beneficiary families will receive a letter informing them that their debt has been paid.

Due to privacy laws, no one but the RIP Medical Debt company knows the name of the beneficiaries, but Hughes said that there are about 15 or more people in each of the 28 neighborhoods that will receive this support.

"God is for you and we are excited to share this gift of generosity because of the generosity of our God," Hughes said.

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