The responsible, a woman from Malibu, had tried to deny her responsibility in the incident

A woman from Malibu, California, you must pay the sum of $ 18 million for having killed to the mother of a young student, after run over them both. The jury further defined that the woman acted with malice, because after the incident denied having been her who was behind the wheel.

Nicole Herschel, 39, was sentenced last Friday after the trial that took place in Van nuys, in the north of The Angels.

The incident happened in 2016, when the victim, Yijing Chen, crossed with his mother, Hongfen Shen, 53, a step away from Calabasas, in the Highway 101 Then a van Chevy Silverado He approached at high speed and hit them. The driver, Nicole Herschel, got out of the vehicle and dragged the unconscious body from the mother to the sidewalk, according to the victim.

Herschel waited at the place until the agents of the Police of Roads (California Highway Patrol). She said she had found the women lying on the road while driving to the supermarket, trying to deny your responsibility.

Given the inconsistencies in their account, CHP officials recommended the accusation against Herschel, who was sentenced in 2017 only one year in jail. "I'm sorry. I didn't see them and I didn't realize, ”was all Herschel said to Chen in that 2017.

That sentence was seen by many, including the victim, as unfair. In fact, the accused he only spent 5 months in prison.

The victim initiated the civil suit that same 2016, and it was now that he received the ruling in his favor, for which he will receive the large sum of $ 18 million. "I will never get my mother back“, Lamented the victim in 2017.

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