In 6 hours, they create mural in honor of Kobe Bryant in Mid-City, Los Angeles

The mural, located in Mid City, appeared in 6 hours and soon became an impromptu altar.


Almost immediately after of the death from Kobe Bryant for a helicopter crash in which he traveled with his daughter Gianna and seven other people, the tributes and altars arose spontaneously in different points of the Los Angeles city. Outside the Staples Center, in the same place where the accident occurred and in the mural of Melrose, fans have congregated to pay tribute to the basketball star.

To this route of memorials, a new mural, created by Jules Muck, "Muckrock"On a wall of market of Pickford, in the zone of Mid-City

Muckrock is a young artist of graffiti and the Street art that lives in Venice According to the Daily News portal, as soon as Muckrock heard the news, he began receiving calls and requests from fans asking him to make a public mural in memory of Kobe.

Determined, Muckrock began looking for a place that could work that Sunday morning. Someone passed the tip on a side wall of the Pickford market, near Washington Boulevard. Without wasting time, the artist set to work, with stairs and cans of paint in hand. "I was very sad while painting, trying to hold back the tears, ”he said in the middle. "Especially when I made the sign‘ Daddy’s Girl ’."

With the help of Mr79lts, and in less than 6 hours, the mural was already finished and some Kobe Bryant fans had already gone on to leave candles and flowers at their feet

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