(Updated on March 18 with a correction on the derogatory displacement certificate)

Many of them are still trying to return to France: tourists who find themselves trapped in the United States, students whose campuses have closed, workers suddenly dismissed and who find themselves without a visa or income … Between flight cancellations and travel bans 'entry to territory, it is sometimes difficult to navigate, but non-residents (tourists, students, trainees) “are encouraged to quickly take the necessary measures for their rapid return to France by the available commercial lines ”, specifies the French embassy.

For the time being, "three airlines still link between the United States and France (Paris only) says an embassy spokesperson: Finnair, Level and Air France. Corsair also set up a return flight from Miami to Paris on March 19. Air France will maintain a daily flight between New York and Paris until March 28. Level and Finnair also maintain flights but at a reduced frequency.

The embassy encourages French people currently in the United States to register on the Ariane website in order to register and be kept informed of the latest information regarding repatriation.

The approach to return to France is to call airlines directly to purchase a ticket, as websites do not necessarily reflect the actual state of availability. You can call or go directly to the agency. Taken by storm, the switchboards are full and sometimes unresponsive.

Once in France, the “derogatory travel certificate” available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior will suffice, to which you can add by hand the words: “Travel to return to my home after a trip abroad ”. As a precaution, also keep your plane ticket “Which will prove without problem that your trip is legitimate” adds the embassy.

When you have been able to buy your ticket and have your authorization, you can leave for France. There is no health authorization to present or temperature measurement. Check regularly the trains that will allow you to return home if you do not live in Paris. As the frequency of trains has decreased, it is important to check whether your trains are maintained.

With regard to people ordinarily resident in the United States, “they however, are not encouraged to return to France unless there are compelling reasons. International travel should be avoided as much as possible ” specifies the embassy.


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