The results of a study in California were revealed showing that 82.1% graduated from high school in 2019

LOS ANGELES.- The latinos showed increase in graduation rates from secondary schooling and decrease in the percentages of school suspension in California, although they present some of the most low levels in math tests Y reading because the poverty and the racial segregation, notes an analysis presented this Monday.

In 2019, the graduation rates of Latino students reached 82.1%, improving the 2017 index of 80.3%, according to the report prepared by the non-profit organization and without political affiliation Lime matters.

Similarly, the indicator of school suspensions in the 2018-19 academic year was 3.6% for Latinos, while in 2011-12 it had been 6.1%, explains the report prepared by Ricardo Cano, state education specialist.

However, in 2019 in the math skills tests, only 28.05%, of the Latinos in California obtained the necessary score to be "Competent", a higher proportion than that of African Americans (20.55%) but well below non-Hispanic whites (54.23%) and of Asians (74.37%).

Showing a similar gap, in reading ability in 2019, 40.19% of Latin students obtained or exceeded the minimum proficiency score, above African Americans (33.02%) but below non-Hispanic whites (65.42%) and Asians (76.86%).

The report attributes the differences between other reasons to the “segregation" of Latinos in California, where the 12-year-old Hispanic preschool school population represents the 54.60% of total students.

“The researchers of UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) recently found that California was the most segregated state for Latinos, ”where 58% attended“ intensely segregated ”schools, the report said.

In relation to the poverty, Cano indicated that “only 31% Latinos eighth grade in economic disadvantage”They obtained the level of proficiency in mathematics compared to 60% of Hispanic students who do not have an economic disadvantage.

The analysis highlights that the level of poverty is the main force that generates these economic inequalities, citing a recent report of the Stanford University.

"The racial segregation It seems to be harmful because it concentrates students from minorities in schools with a high poverty rate, which on average are less effective than those schools with a low level of poverty, ”the report concluded.

The study highlighted the importance of implementing the California Government's initiatives to offer more early education programs and allocate more funds to K-12 education (12-year preschool).

California has 1,037 school districts which includes the Unified School District of The Angels, the second largest in the country by number of students, according to the State Department of Education.


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