The incident was in Studio City almost three years ago; now the city of Los Angeles will pay for the damages

His car was devoured by a hole in the pavement; today he earns $ 4 million dollars after demand

Tremendous sinkhole in Studio City where the incident occurred for which the city will pay millions of dollars.

Screen capture / AP

He Los Angeles City Council agreed this week to pay 4 million dollars to finish the demand who brought the woman whose car sank in a undercut in Studio city, authorities reported.

On a dark and rainy night, in February of 2017, Stephanie scott I was traveling near the intersection of the boulevard Laurel Canyon and Woodbridge, when his car was suddenly stuck in a huge hole that opened on the pavement. The car is turned around, the hole was enlarged and she finished sunken inside the vehicle, that filled with water.

Firefighters responded to the call and were able to rescue her. After the incident, Scott, who works as a makeup artist, decided to sue the city, arguing that the sinkhole is an effect of the negligence of the government.

Finally, the two sides reached an agreement this Wednesday, when the authorities decided to pay him a millionaire amount, for the damages suffered.

This video was broadcast when the incident was:


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