They issue a warning and ask the population to take precautions in case of blackouts

Fury of Santa Ana! Strong winds cause accident at Los Angeles airport

The National Meteorological Service warns of the strong winds that were felt from the night of this Sunday and remain in the area until this morning.

National Weather Service / Courtesy

A plane what took off of the Los Angeles airport (LAX) Monday morning it was damaged after crashed with a dump what was dragged by the wind to the runway. This, for the strong winds that have been unleashed in the county since Sunday night and they are expected to last throughout the day, according to the authorities.

The 747 cargo plane took off around 3:00 a.m. off the runway 25, when it hit the garbage dump. The blow was felt in the plane's gear, and he flew two of his tires. Seven people were on board, but no injuries are reported.

Meanwhile, the authorities of National Metereological Service and of fire Department have issued a warning by high wind activity throughout the Los Angeles area. Bursts of up to 70 miles per hour. Especially the valleys of Santa Clarita, Antelope and San Fernando.

As a result, they have already registered at least 15 blackouts affecting around 6,800 people, according to the Department of Water and Light.

The authorities ask the population be prepared in case of blackouts, do not use candles but flashlights and have batteries at hand. They also ask to take precautions for the people who will go walking down the street by eventual tree falls, and also secure your belongings at home, so that they are not dragged by the wind and avoid accidents.

Users of the social networks they shared their images of the wind, with the hashtag #LAWind what was done local trend:

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