The vehicle went from Los Angeles to San Francisco; the suspect was on board and shot at other passengers

One dead and 5 injured by Greyhound bus shooting

The causes of the shooting on the Greyhound bus that went from Los Angeles to San Francisco are still unknown.

Alejandro Cano / Archive / Special Opinion

THE ANGELS.- One person was killed and others five wounds in a shooting registered it's early in a Greyhound bus what was the route from The Angels to San Francisco, without knowing the reason that triggered the event, the California Highway Patrol (CBP).

The victims, all passengers, were moved with bullet wounds to hospitals from the area, minus one of them, which passed away Due to the gravity of his injuries and whose body was inside the vehiclethe spokesman of the Highway Patrol, Steve Loftus.

According to the spokesman, the suspect having triggered the shooting, which was another passenger and whose identity he did not reveal, is stopped, while investigating the circumstances of the event.

The exact condition of the passengers who were hospitalized is also unknown, as the authorities only said that the wounds they cover range from moderate to critical.

The shooting was recorded at 01:30 a.m. (09.30 GMT) in the interstate highway that joins the two California cities, in the area of Grapevine, near Fort Tejon Road, about 130 kilometers north of The Angels, just over an hour after the vehicle had started the trip.

Loftus said that investigate the reasons for which that person, of which he did not give details, could have started firing at the other passengers.

In the vehicle about 40 people were traveling, according to the police spokesman.

In November last year, three mass shootings in California in less than a week they unleashed calls to Republicans to pass laws that prevent armed violence in the United States.

The American president, Donald TrumpHe said last August that he was working with the Congress to harden the background checks of gun buyers, but considered that the reform should take into account the ideas of the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA, in English).

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