Free: they will give monthly workshops on the rights of undocumented workers and immigrants in Los Angeles

Marcela Celorio, consul of Mexico in Los Angeles.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

LOS ANGELES.- The Mexican Consulate in The Angels this Monday he called on his nationals to participate in the community meetings who intend to engage "a dialogue, inform and educate" to the migrants Over the worker rights, access to education, immigration and others.

In a meeting with the media this Monday, the consul general, Marcela Celoriostressed the need to bring Mexicans closer to participate in these informative sessions, which are held the first Wednesday of each month.

“These dialogues have two objectives: receive suggestions from the community, and the second is to inform and educate so that know your rights here in the United States, ”Celorio warned.

This February 5 consular authorities with members of the work Department They will conduct a dialogue focused on workers' rights.

In the briefing “¿How to receive an appropriate payment for hours worked regardless of immigration status? ”Attendees will receive advice on state and federal laws that protect employees, which are the fair wages currently governing in California, and how to present a complaint for wage theft, among other topics.

The initiative, which was established last August and is totally free, is done at five in the afternoon and people they don't need an appointment to attend

Celorio warned that this measure is being wasted by the Angelian community. “When we convene there are very few,” he explained.

Therefore, the official is calling to participate and use these grants.

Among the topics discussed in these dialogues have been the rule of “public charge“, Established by the President’s Government Donald Trump, and the 2020 census.

Celorio also invited Mexicans to make use of the immigration advice provided by expert lawyers in the facilities of the consular headquarters, which they can receive without prior appointment and free of charge.

The diplomat stressed that the Consulate has made alliances with organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to defend those undocumented detained by immigration authorities whose constitutional rights may have been violated.

The official stressed that it is planned to take these dialogues out of Consulate facilities in the coming months in "an effort to get closer to the community."


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