For this first episode of our daily French Morning Live at CES, we start with the flying taxi promised by Hyundaï and Uber. Discover the craft and the promise of a future without traffic jams.

We are also talking about the French presence, whose delegation is still one of the largest, in terms of startups in any case. T-shirts that help detect illnesses, but also lamps that allow dyslexics to read better, or helmets to teach insomniacs how to sleep. We have all this and more in this first show.

Guests of the show:

-Guillaume Nesa, CEO of Olythe

-Bertrand Blanpain, President of Arkéa Corporate & Institutional Banking

-Guirec Le Lous, CEO of Urgonight

-Laurent Vandebrouck, CEO of Chronolife

-Jean-Baptiste Fontes, founder of Lexilight

French Morning Live CES 2020 is presented by Massat Consulting, chartered accountants and by Klaxoon.


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