Authorities arrested the 45-year-old man on Wednesday after a video showed how he attacked a real estate agent

The sexual attack that happened in Encino last Sunday adds another chapter. After the police managed to identify and arrest the man responsible for the assault against a real estate agent while showing a house, Alen Karaboghosian's family has ruled on the matter.

Karaboghosian, 45, It is seen in a video assaulting the real estate agent. Since the video was made public, other women have also accused the man of attacking them sexually.

The family of the man who is under arrest has another version of the facts. In a statement, they said that when he threw the agent to the floor it was "not intended to harm him" and that The man suffers from mental disability.

"We do not tolerate or deny that he has pushed the real estate agent, but the rest of the accusations made against him are irrational and exaggerated.", it is read in a statement that the Karaboghosian family delivered to the NBC4 network on Thursday afternoon.

Karaboghosian remains in prison while his family arranges to pay his $ 130,000 bail. Prosecutors have not reached a decision regarding filing formal charges. What is known is that this Friday is scheduled to be presented in criminal court.

The agent victim of the attack on Sunday, along with two other women who also claim to have been harassed by Karaboghosian, have said that the man's behavior was strange and made them feel uncomfortable when they were showing the houses for sale. Sunday's victim left the house and asked Karaboghosian to leave. His family maintains that this was what scared him and caused him to react that way.

“His mental disability prevents him from staying calm in emergency situations, which confuses him and makes him not know how to act properly”, reads in the family statement.

The real estate agents, who asked not to be identified, say they don't believe the family version and that Karaboghosian is perfectly aware of what he is doing.

The accused man lives in his parents' house, spends part of his time in his brother's shop and likes to visit houses that are for sale. He does not have the ability to drive, but walks or rides a bicycle, said one of his relatives.

Two weeks ago another incident occurred for which he is being investigated. A police report was filed after a pregnant woman and about to give birth, said that while walking on the sidewalk, a man who already recognizes as Karaboghosian, approached him and touched her improperly.

The law determines that mental disability can, but not necessarily, make a criminal defendant not competent to be tried. In some cases, a mentally disabled convict may be sent to a conventional prison if it is determined to be a danger to society. Although there is also the possibility of being assigned to receive treatment at the Porterville Development Center in California.


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