The boat does not treat people with the disease, so the authorities do not know how the team member was infected.

Crew member of the USNS Mercy hospital ship anchored in L.A. positive for coronavirus

A Navy officer saluting the flag aboard the USNS Mercy.

Ryan M. Breeden / Courtesy

The hospital ship USNS Mercy of the Navy American, who arrived weeks ago in the port of Los Angeles, confirmed his first case of coronavirus on board.

The infected is a member of the naval team and how it was spread is unknown with the disease. According to a Navy spokesperson, the person is in isolation on board the ship and will soon be transferred to another location.

A patient boards the hospital ship anchored in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy. / Ryan M. Breeden

He hospital ship added 1,000 beds to the health system of the city and is dedicated to serving patient cases that are not related to the COVID-19. The ship's medical team is made up of 800 specialists of health.

Recently a man derailed a train in the Port of Los Angeles to try to attack the ship, the person responsible for the fact is in the custody of the authorities.


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