Good news. The French people outside France who are most affected by the pandemic economically will be able to continue to benefit from the aid mechanism put in place by the French government. The “Secours Occasionnel de Solidarité” (SOS) has been renewed for the first half of 2021 “Firstly“, Specifies the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This one-off aid, which can be added to other local support mechanisms, is aimed at French people who can prove a decrease “substantial”Of their income because of the health crisis. An explanation of your situation and supporting documents (French identity document or copy of the family record book, proof of current consular registration, copy of the last three account statements and any other element proving material or financial degradation) must be sent to your consulate or embassy. The amount allocated varies according to the territory, but can be paid monthly over a period of six months.

The “SOS” system was created by the government in April 2020 to help French people in difficulty. It was endowed with 50 million euros.


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