Coronavirus: quarantined child has symptoms and is sent to hospital

The plane in which the Americans who were in Wuhan, China, were evacuated, including the boy recently taken to the hospital.


LOS ANGELES.- A child evacuated along with the other 194 Americans from Wuhan (China) and that they are quarantined at a military base of CaliforniaHe was taken to a hospital in the area after he had a fever, local authorities reported Tuesday.

According to him Department of Public Health from Riverside County the little one was taken to a hospital from the area on Monday night to be examined, along with his father, who has no symptoms.

The minor only presented fever and was born in ambulance "with great caution”, Officials said in a statement.

The 195 Americans evacuated last Wednesday from the city of Wuhan (China), the epicenter of the coronavirus, are in a 14-day quarantine at a military base in Riverside, California, where they landed.

The outbreak of pneumonia has already left 425 dead in mainland China, two in the Philippines and Hong Kong and more than 20,400 infected.

In United States there are more than 80 people who are waiting to know the result of medical tests.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 11 cases of the coronavirus have been reported in US territory, two of which were cataloged as local contagion.

Health authorities also reported that a passenger who arrived last night at the Los Angeles International Airport was quarantined and taken to the military base in Riverside.

Although the man has no symptoms he was put on medical surveillance as a precaution due to his travel history.

The passenger is isolated from the other almost 200 passengers who are in quarantine.

With six confirmed cases, California is the state with the most patients with the disease.

However, the Riverside authorities stressed that in this area no case is yet confirmed.

The child is under medical observation in the hospital, health officials said.

The Department of Defense announced last Saturday that at least one thousand evacuees will arrive in the country in the coming weeks, and that they will be housed to spend quarantines in military bases located in California, Texas Y Colorado.


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