All repatriated Americans will stay at the March military base, east of Los Angeles

Caught in Riverside! They keep quarantined passengers evacuated from China by coronavirus

The plane in which the Americans who were in Wuhan, China were repatriated.


One of the passengers who were repatriated from the city of Wuhan, China, and received at an airport in Riverside, was put in quarantine this Thursday, authorities reported. This, after the person tried to leave the military base where he is, along with almost 200 other Americans.

The quarantine order was issued by the officer Cameron Kaiser, of the County Department of Public Health, and responds to the fact that all passengers who were brought from the epicenter of infection should remain under constant medical monitoring and evaluation to detect any possible symptoms of the disease.

This is a preventive measure, and coincides with the decision that the coronavirus has been declared as an international emergency by World Health Organization.

The Americans who are at the March military base in Riverside, east of Los Angeles, will have to stay there for two more days.

So far there are only two confirmed cases of the disease in southern California.

For their part, the authorities ask the population don't fall for fake news related to the coronavirus. If you have any questions, you can check the official page of the Department of Health.

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