Latin girl takes the texts to a library in Central America with the aim that all children have educational material

In 2016, Sofía Flores Sirolli was just 8 years old when she traveled to Nicaragua, her mother's home country, without imagining that her visit would change the lives of many.

The girl, who is a fan of reading, asked her mother to take her to the local library in the small town of Boaco Viejo to get some books.

“I saw that they had many empty shelves and the children could only (take) one book per week,” Sofia recalled. "The children had no books and I had many (at home) … I felt I wanted to give them that love for reading."

Upon returning from her vacation that same summer, the little girl set to work to help the neediest children.

"When Sofia arrived from Nicaragua, she realized that she had many books and said:‘ If they were in Spanish, I would send them, "said Amalia Sirolli, mother of the child.

"Then he decided to sell them and with the money he earned he bought books in Spanish."

Among the purchases of his pocket and donations from other individuals, advertising houses and organizations, the first time, Sofia and his parents managed to send to the public library Fernando Buitrago Morales, more than 320 books.

However, your donation did not end there. They have also helped two rural schools with maps, dictionaries, educational sheets, crayons, games and about 100 books each.

“We donate school supplies for a program that is trying to keep street children in schools,” said Sirolli.

This is how the “Sofia’s Bookworm Store” project was born, which collects new and used books in good condition to donate them.

Sofia began collecting books in 2016 to donate to a library in Nicaragua. (Supplied)

Last year they made a second donation of 100 books to the Fernando Buitrago Morales library and the work does not end for Sofia.

“Now that I'm older, I see that reading helps education and, if you don't have a good education, you don't have food, you don't have a good job,” added the girl who is now 12 years old. He added that all children can realize noble causes without spending so much money.

“You don't need to do something so big, if you go to your community there you will see the problems,” said Sofia.

Founding a library in a very special school

Two years ago Sofia went to Nicaragua with her parents for the second time and her work had already been heard by the people, so an acquaintance of the family made another proposal.

“They invited us to a rural school and there they had nothing (of educational materials),” said Sirolli. "Children cannot go to the village library because it is far away."

This is the Salvadora Castillo school in Boaco Viejo, Nicaragua, which offers kindergarten through sixth grade classes.

To Sofia's surprise, this little resource school was named in honor of her great-aunt who at the time struggled to have a school.

Years later they built it, becoming the first of the town and in honor of their effort, they named it.

Sofia has sent books and educational materials to poor children in Nicaragua. (Supplied)

Now it is Sofia who wishes to continue the legacy of her great aunt, whom she never met, by including a library in the small school.

For this larger project, Sofia hopes to collect at least 1,000 books to send and raise funds to build the library.

On her GoFundMe page, Sofia explains that there is already a brick donor and that an architect has already designed the library plan. But there are still many expenses to cover and that is why it has been directed to ask for people's support.

“I want to start carrying a thousand books and then collect more,” said Sofia. "I want all the children in the world to have even a book."

The family hopes to travel for this summer and thus found the first library at the Salvadora Castillo school.

In addition, LA-Librería de Los Ángeles has extended its support to the girl and since this Saturday they are accepting accepting donations of books in Spanish or motivating people to buy a book and donate it to the library in Nicaragua.

Chiara Arroyo, co-owner of the LA-Librería, said that yesterday was practically the official launch to begin receiving the donation of books.

Sofia on her second visit to Nicaragua with a donation of books for children. (Supplied)

He added that those who could not attend, can arrive any other day with their donations.

"The idea is to be collecting books from here until the summer that is when they (Sofia and her family) will travel to Nicaragua," said Arroyo, who has also taken charge of collecting books on his own.

It is for this cause that the community was called to reach the goal; It was requested to donate books that are children's in Spanish or new bilingual and if they are used they are in good condition.

You can take them to the LA-Bookstore, located at 4732 ½ W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles 90016.

If you would like to donate to the cause of Sofia visit her GoFundMe page HERE


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