The US presidential candidate told the more than 14,000 followers in the coastal city that if they join they will not only win over Trump, but they will also be able to change the political system of corruption that currently governs in Washington.

As usual, Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator and candidate for the presidency of the United States, arrived in California as if it were his own state, with the drag of thousands of people in all the places where he stood: San Ysidro, San Bernardino and finally on Saturday in Venice, where he gathered 14,000 followers and told them that if they work together, there will be nothing to stop them to defeat the primary elections, Trump and change the system of corruption that prevails in the system US politician.

On this occasion, Sanders did not arrive alone, accompanied by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who first came to California to support the candidate who inspired her to get involved in politics; In addition to the philosopher Cornel West, actor Tim Robbins, Assemblyman Byron Jones, Councilor Gil Cedillo and Councilman Mike Bonin, all endorsing and supporting Sanders' candidacy.

After experiencing a solid night on Thursday during the presidential debate, the White House candidate again emphasized the importance of working together and not being divided by race, skin color, people's origin, creed or the sexual orientation that they constantly try to divide from Washington.

"Our campaign and administration is focused on bringing together African-American, Latino, Asian, Native and White Indians with an agenda focused on the working class and not just for billionaires," Sanders said. “What we are looking for is that people who work 40 hours do not live in poverty, that is why we are going to increase the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, match women's salaries and support efforts so that workers can unionize ”.

The presidential candidate, who did not stop inspiring attendees at all times, said that what is sought is to support education from kindergarten through twelfth grade and then allow students to attend university without worrying about how to pay the tuition; He even mentioned that to achieve that, teachers need to earn well and at least ask for a salary of $ 65,000 for teachers; He also encouraged the new generations to consider this profession.

The son of Jewish immigrants, recalled his childhood and stressed that he knows what it is to live up to date, that is why the importance of supporting young people to have a better future. "If 10 years ago, Congress voted to help the banks and two million years ago the tax on millionaires was cut, then if we can now cancel the debt of the university students with a modest tax on Wall Street speculators."

Sanders stressed that it was a shame that the US was the only industrialized country that does not offer health care as a human right, not only is a dysfunctional system, but extremely cruel although we currently spend more than any other country on medical care. He emphasized that it was totally incomprehensible how 87 million people do not have insurance or have insurance that does not cover all their needs and, consequently, 30 thousand people die each year and 500,000 are forced to go to the broken bank for having committed 'the crime of getting sick.

He said he will fight to eliminate that cruel and irrational medical system that currently far from taking care of the health of Americans, is more concerned with the profits it will have each year.

The Vermont senator explained that on his first day at the White House he will reverse all the racist executive orders that President Trump has signed, he will also establish the program for immigrants arriving in childhood (DACA), and will implement a human policy not to separate families and prevent minors from being removed from their mothers' hands at the border; He even stressed that he will press for immigration reform on the way to citizenship.

Regarding weapons, Sanders said they will develop policies based on the need of the people and not on the needs of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The candidate stressed that everything can be done, but if the working class stays together since all social movements such as civil rights, women's, trade unions and the environment, among others, have emerged and developed bottom up; That is why he reminded Nelson Mandela, who said that "things seem impossible until they happen", and urged unity and participation to achieve the change they want to achieve.

Actor and activist Tim Robbins said he supported Sanders because he knew that from the first day in his administration he would declare a state of emergency in the fight against climate change; but also because of his commitment to life for the working class and because he knows that his campaign is a movement that seeks to positively transform the lives of Americans in the country, and not just for four years.

The philosopher Cornel West said he supported Bernie for his honesty and consistency in his positions throughout his life. Assemblyman Byron Jones said he previously supported Hillary Clinton, including Obama, which spoke of how 'lost' he was, but when he began to meet Bernie, he began to feel and see the importance of his policies and his struggle, is That's why he decided to support him.

Councilman Bonin talked about the problem of homeless people living in his district and how that problem continues to grow, which is why the need to make a change as soon as possible. The official pointed to the Santa Monica Mountains – fires – as an example of climate change damage. In addition, he pointed to the Chevron refinery as one of the oil companies that most pollutes the environment and, in passing, affects the air that children breathe. Bonin unconditionally supports Sanders and the Green New Deal plan.

On the other hand, Cedillo used his experience with his wife's illness and how complicated it was for him to navigate the health system and that which was at that time Senator, that is why, he emphasized, the importance of approving a health system for all. In addition, he stressed that he has the same vision of the candidate Sanders, not only in health care, but in most of the issues to unite the country and achieve the political movement so necessary to strengthen the working middle class.

The rally was held at Windward Square in Venice, west of Los Angeles, where some 14,000 thousand people arrived, many from at 9 am, although the event, which more than a political rally looked like a concert in the park, was planned to start at 12 pm, and finish at 3 pm

AOC: A loving society is an advanced society

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez immediately inspired his followers, who were not only young, but of all ages and ethnic groups.

The young congresswoman immediately spoke as a loving society is an advanced society, which cannot refuse to provide medical insurance for its people. Therefore, the United States is not an advanced society, he said.

Ocasio-Cortez stressed that the US is the richest nation in the world, but asked: for whom?

He even mentioned that there is no point in having so much money if the people cannot be provided with basic services such as health and free university education.

In addition, he added that an advanced society cannot continue to pollute the planet for new generations, just as imperialist politics cannot continue abroad.

"We cannot return to society where the rich are first and the poor are last," Ocasio-Cortez said. "We cannot continue in a world where the military budget is exploited and nobody says anything."

Recently, the defense budget was supported with an additional 120 billion dollars, compared to the last year of the Obama administration, said the congresswoman, who emphasized that for that reason there is never talk of increasing taxes to pay increases to the military budget, But when talking about programs to save the planet or health insurance for all, we immediately talk about raising taxes on the working class.

"It's a total hypocrisy," he emphasized.

Ocasio-Cortez left, urging people to get involved as he can and as he wishes, but stressed that it is very important since the movement generated by Sanders' candidacy is not a four-year administration project, but a project in the long term that allows most people to enjoy a more just and equitable society.


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