Babeth's Feast / credit: Thomas Chesseboeuf

The adventure of Babeth's Feast ends. The brand of frozen products, often compared to Picard Surgelés, announced Friday, October 11, the closure of its site and its stores. "The concept has been well received by customers, but from a financial point of view it's a huge weight for a single investor"Says Frank Matz, CEO of Babeth's Feast.

The brand was launched in 2014 by Elisabeth de Kergorlay, an investor in Le Pain Quotidien, and offered top-of-the-range frozen French dishes. It had two stores in the Upper East and Upper West Side of Manhattan. Frank Matz says the company was sold to Wild Fork Foods, a meat-based frozen chain. Based in Miami, she plans to open several stores on the East Coast and will continue to sell Babeth's Feast's most popular products. "They were interested in our expertise", Says Frank Matz. For the latter, the closure of Babeth's Feast does not mean that the quality frozen market has no future in the United States. "It's sad the name disappears, but the acquisition by Wild Fork Foods, which has huge stores and a growth outlook, validates the initial idea of ​​Babeth's Feast. They will sell the products at a lower price. They can afford it because they are not in Manhattan".


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