36 shooting threats have been recorded in California since the Santa Clarita attack

LOS ANGELES.- A student was arrested for threatening to shoot at school Pete knight, in Palmdale, to the north of The Angels, Ronald Sneed of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department announced Friday.

The student had published the threats in social networks, where he posted photos of a person carrying a gun, authorities confirmed. The teenager was arrested and admitted to having made the threats.

On the other hand, they arrested a student who threatened to shoot at school staff and classmates. I encourage Mae Jemison of Willowbrook, in southern Los Angeles. According to the agent Tim MurakamiAfter an investigation with search warrant, they confiscated a AR15 rifle, ammunition, a list of possible victims and the school plan.

The weapon was not registered, so the arrest was for possession of illegal weapons.

In addition, the police maintain vigilance around the charter school Oak in Covina, where a shooting threat was also reported. According to the authorities, there have been 36 threat reports in the state of California since the shooting on November 14 at school Saugus, from Santa Clarita.

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