California heat wave has left triple-digit temperatures across the Golden State

At 121 degrees, Woodland Hills hits the record for heat in Los Angeles County history

The previous record in Woodland Hills was 119 degrees.

Photo: APU GOMES / AFP / Getty Images

The historic heat wave scorching California this weekend has caused record a record high temperature in Woodland Hills, which this Sunday reached the 121 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 50 degrees Celsius). This is the highest temperature recorded by the Los Angeles National Weather Service (NWS) station.

The previous record stood at 119 and was registered in July 2006 and it was also one of the maximums recorded on a Sunday. NWS said that Riverside it reached its maximum temperature for September, with 117 degrees. For its part, Saint Ana He also broke his own record for the day with 106 grace.

In some areas, he points out Los Angeles TimesThis Sunday was hotter than Saturday, when mercury also reached historic levels. The authorities assure that at least three areas reached their all-time highs or surpassed them: Alpine (113), El Cajon (114) and Idyllwild (103). Burbank It also appeared to hit its all-time high of 114 degrees, according to the weather service.

On Monday, temperatures will begin to drop slightly. In some areas the thermometer may go down to 10 degrees, but in others, it will remain in the triple digits.

The authorities warn of possible blackouts due to the high demand power supply, especially for fans and air conditioners.

Thousands of people have already been without power across the region due to energy system collapses. Both the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and Southern California Edison said the power outages would be scattered but small.


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