The regulation of permits enters to place objects that can prevent the traffic of pedestrians on the sidewalks

Los Angeles launches sidewalk permit programs following new regulations

Day laborers buy food from street vendors near the corner of Union Ave. and Shatto St.

Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion

The Los Angeles Department of Public Works (DPW) announced Thursday that has established programs for owners to request permits to place objects, such as planters, in front of their businesses and for street vendors to legally sell food or other items on city sidewalks and in parks.

Owners who wish to install planters or other objects on public sidewalks may request a revocable permit through the Los Angeles Engineering Office website,

The permitting process is intended to ensure that the materials and facilities do not represent "any physical threat or safety hazard," according to DPW officials.

Property owners who do not have permits for sidewalk obstructions will be cited and will be given an additional 30 days to submit the application. Unsafe obstructions can be cited for immediate removal, city officials said.

Plants or planters and other sidewalk invasions are also subject to sanctions, with regulations imposed by the Bureau of Street Services.

The Los Angeles Public Works Board in September approved changes to policies that would require people to obtain permits to place planters, railings, fences and other items on the sidewalks of the city.

The changes are significant, as planters and other facilities were placed in some neighborhoods to deter homeless people from sleeping in front of businesses.

Permits for planters and other objects under the policy range between $ 550 and $ 1,850 or the actual cost of a city investigation, if necessary, Public Works officials said.


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