Additives, foods that are too sweet, too processed, misleading labeling. Finding healthy products in US supermarkets is often an obstacle course. Faced with this reality, Isabelle Guglielmi decided to write Eat well in the USA, a guide "for all those who want to eat in conscience and avoid the pitfalls of the American food industry ".

Doctor in pharmacy, this French installed in Kansas City since 2011 becomes aware of the dangers of industrial foods when her husband gets sick in 2015. "He had a burnout with big digestive problems. We consulted a holistic doctor who advised him to stop gluten and industrial milk. " Isabelle Guglielmi discovers that American wheat is heavily modified genetically, "much more than in Europe", And that milk contains growth hormones and antibiotics, both banned in France. "50% of American children develop chronic diseases such as autism, diabetes or behavioral disorders. And that's largely because of their diet, " She says.

Isabelle Guglielmi then travels the shelves of supermarkets and discovers the tricks used by the giants of the food industry to deceive the consumer. "They do not hesitate to cheat on the labels. For example, ingredients that are less than 0.5g per serving (serving size) do not need to be mentioned. Specifically, when a package of chips displays on its packaging to be "no artificial fat", it simply means that these chips contain less than 0.5g of artificial fat per serving. By swallowing several portions, you exceed the threshold of 0.5g ", She says.

Despite these alarming findings, Isabelle Guglielmi explains that her book is optimistic. "The idea is not to scare people, but to direct them to healthier solutions that exist. " Among these solutions, the French explains that bio remains a safe bet. "I have often heard that "organic" products in the United States are not really. It's wrong. Food is not chemically processed, pesticide use is restricted and regulated, and practices are respectful of biodiversity. "

More than just a book of advice, Eat well in the USA draws up a complete list of foods to be found on American supermarket shelves, and decrypts labels, labels, their composition, all accompanied by dietary advice "to teach you how to discern what is bad and to distract you".


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