All that time he received his stepfather's pension: a total of $ 151,450 dollars

A woman from Compton, in the south of The Angels, I know made her go through her mother during 11 years, after it died, to to be able to collect the pension that he husband He had left his mother, authorities said. In total, the woman charged $ 151,450, which is now going to have to return to the government.

Rosalind Mouton-Auberry, 68, was sentenced Monday for the charge of fraud, after he received a pension that did not belong to him, from his stepfather, an ancient employee of the United States Postal Service.

Because the woman has several medical problems, the judge who sentenced her decided to consider her state of health. he won't spend time in jail. Instead, they were assigned 75 hours of community service.

You will also have to return the stolen money to the Personnel Management Office, which is the government agency that manages the retirement accounts.

In 2014 the woman had been charged with another fraud, and he was on probation, while he was posing as his dead mother.

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