The complaint explains in detail how the children were apparently prepared to be sexually abused.

Sochil Martín, 33, was born and raised in the inner circle of the La Luz del Mundo church, whose leader Naasón Joaquín García is currently behind bars accused of sexual abuse of minors, among other charges.

Martin said that for three generations her family belonged to the church and when she was three years old – along with her three brothers – she was removed from the custody of her mother, who faced drug problems.

The aunt of the young woman obtained custody of the four minors and since then they were directed to obey the orders of the leaders of the church.

“I grew up to be owned by the apostle Samuel Joaquín Flores and his son Naasón Joaquín García,” the complainant said Thursday at a press conference. "For the first 30 years they taught me to believe that my body, my mind, my soul belonged to The Light of the World because that was the will of God."

Martin, born in Monterey Park, said that at the age of 9 she was instructed by her aunt to sexually please the apostle Samuel. Although he attended a public school, he was not allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities or interact with people who were not members of the community of La Luz del Mundo.

The young woman attended mainly the Light of the World churches in eastern Los Angeles and Pasadena. Later she was forced to start traveling to Mexico where she attended other congregations.

"For almost 22 years I was made to work, travel, lie and give my body to an organization that saw me as financial gain and sexual pleasure," said the woman who is currently married.

Sochil Martín said that from the age of 9 she was instructed to sexually serve one of the leaders of the church. (Jacqueline García)

Martín's lawyers announced Thursday that they filed the first lawsuit against La Luz del Mundo, García and the entity's leadership under the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, the Racketeer Corrupted and Influential Organizations Act (RICO ), the Forced Labor Standards Act and the new California Child Victims Act AB 218.

"The lawsuit filed (Wednesday) is the first step to dismantle a powerful, complex and corrupt institution built on sexual abuse and trafficking in persons," said lawyer Deborah Mallgrave.

The 65-page lawsuit, the plaintiffs said, explains in detail how Martin, like many other children, was prepared to be sexually abused and assaulted by the apostle Naason and his father, now deceased, the apostle Samuel. The complaint explains that for the leaders of the entity, who were also part of the Council of Bishops, it was normal to bring their own children and grandchildren to the sexual service of the apostles.

“Hundreds, if not thousands of children before and after me have suffered the same fate. I appear before you because this must stop, ”said the applicant, ensuring that she not only faced sexual and labor harassment but also began to suffer depression and fear after leaving the church.

“It's a mafia, it's a business. They are dangerous and Naasón is not the core of the problem, the problem is the institution and its ovíspos, shepherds, political friends who are with him are dangerous, ”said Martin.

Attorney Joshua Robbins said they filed the lawsuit under the statute of the RICO law to fight organized crime.

"The Light of the World is a massive global organization that has systematically exploited its members for decades in ways that are not only disgusting violations of human rights but also federal and state crimes."

Mental and faith exploitation

After the press conference another former member of The Light of the World who accompanied Sochil said that church members were forced to give large donations to the church by questioning their faith.

“If one says, 'I only have $ 5 (for church donation)' they say, 'that brother has no faith, he is not a true member', but if one gives $ 100, $ 300, $ 500, they say 'that brother does have faith, he is washed with the faith of the light of the world, ”said the former member identified as Joseph.

José said that after leaving the church he has received threats and through social networks they have been discredited.

"They begin to say that so and so, they begin to put our addresses … they think that by discrediting us on YouTube they will stop us … They will not stop us," said José.

Naasón Joaquín García, leader of the Light of the World, is currently behind bars. (Archive)

They ask for the support of more victims

Martin and his lawyers said that this lawsuit is to protect more children and asked that any other victim out there not be afraid to report.

"We want to tell you that you are not alone and can come to stop this injustice," said attorney Jeff Anderson.

If you believe you have been a victim of sexual abuse or have information about incidents of inappropriate sexual behavior related to anyone who may be involved in the Light of the World, you may go to the authorities by calling (323) 765-2100 or you may file a Complaint online at

They can also resort to National Line Against Trafficking in Persons, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-888-373-7888.

If they take legal help, they can go to Greenberg Gross and Jeff Anderson & Associates by calling 1-800-487-8463 or online at and


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