Literature is an integral part of learning a language. Which English book to choose for a child? French Morning has listed several books from the youth literature.

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? (from 1-2 years old)

The book by Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr is a classic of children's literature. Published in 1967 Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? tells the world as seen by a brown bear. This image is recommended for young children who want to learn the colors or names of animals, as well as a few simple sentences. The book is also sold with a CD.

Goodnight moon (For 2 years)

This rhyming poem written by Margaret Wise Brown is well known in the United States. The book tells the story of a rabbit who wishes "Good night" to all the animals or objects that are in his room. Goodnight moon is the evening story before going to bed. The book allows you to learn vocabulary in a fun way. It is also possible to buy the animated film inspired by the poem.

Elmer (from 3 years)

Grand classic since its first releases in 1968, Elmer was written and illustrated by British author David Mc Kee. Elmer is a different elephant: he is colorful, always in a good mood and loves making jokes. David Mc Kee wrote 39 series of Elmer's stories, including the last, Elmer's Walk in 2018.

The Gruffalo's Child (from 4-5 years old)

Known worldwide, The Gruffalo's Child tells the story of Gruffalo's daughter who decides to go to the forest looking for a mouse, despite warnings from her father. A cartoon inspired by the book was released in Britain in 2011.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (from 6 years old)

A true classic of English literature for youth with 45 million copies sold worldwide, The Tale of Peter Rabbit was written by Beatrix Potter in 1902 and did not take a ride. This tale tells of the adventures of Peter Rabbit who disobeys his mother and enjoys playing in Mr. Mc's garden. Gregor, for him eating his vegetables.

The Polar Express (Starting from 7 years old)

On a starry Christmas night, a young boy embarks on a mysterious train. After a trip and many adventures, the Polar Express stops at its terminus: the North Pole. This book by Chris Val Allsburg has made millions of readers dream and was adapted to cinema in 2004. The Polar Express is a nice story for children who have already grown up well. A trip to the land of Santa Claus whose adventures are easily read.

Harry Potter (from 9 years old)

Even if the sorcerer's apprentice has made his hat for a few years, the seven volumes of the famous Harry Potter the sorcerer's apprentice continue to dream generations of young (or not so young), who imagine themselves aboard the Hogwarts Express. J.K. Rowling's novels are written for a young readership and the vocabulary is easy to understand, even in English.


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