The authorities issued a balance where they confirmed 239 new cases in the last 24 hours

Los Angeles reports lowest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in one day since March 26

A test to detect COVID-19.

THOMAS SAMSON / AFP / Getty Images

In statements issued at noon on Monday, Barbara Ferrer director Los Angeles Department of Public Health confirmed that in the county there are 9,420 cases of coronavirus.

The director confirmed 239 new cases, what represents the lowest number of infections in 24 hours since last March 26.

COVID-19 has claimed the life of 320 people from the city. From yesterday to today 25 more people died. "The mortality rate currently stands at 3.4% ", Ferrer stated. As of today there are 2,354 people hospitalized of which the "18% of them are in intensive care"He added.

Ferrer mentioned the number of tests performed by the county health department, "We have tested almost 52,000 people, 13% of whom are positive", he claimed.

Authorities are currently investigating outbreaks of COVID-19 in 185 institutions such as nursing homes and nursing homes, nursing homes, shelters, among others. In these 185 institutions there is at least one confirmed case.

In total they have “1,372 confirmed infections in these centers between residents and staff"Ferrer assured.

The director emphasized maintaining the social distance, avoid unnecessary exits and wear face masks. He also called on people who should be totally isolated if they have symptoms, if they are still waiting for the results or if they were confined at home.

Stay away, disinfect all surfaces you touch, and contact people you have been in contact with for the past 48 before symptoms. "it's crucial for people who are isolated"He assured.


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