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(Partner Article) The CFE (The Caisse des Français de l'Étranger) was specially created to allow French expatriates to continue to benefit from "French" social protection outside France, regardless of their family situation and their financial possibilities.

What does the CFE cover?

The CFE offers you a tailor-made social protection whatever your situation during the expatriation, whatever the country in which you live or travel, and this without exclusion related to the nature of the pathology or the circumstances (natural disaster, facts of war, attack …).

You can contribute to (possibility of insuring for one or more of these risks):

– Sickness-maternity,

    • With daily allowance option – death benefit

– Accidents at work – occupational diseases (for employees)

    • With expatriation travel option

– Retirement (possibility to continue contributing to the retirement of the Social Security managed by the Retirement Insurance for employees, and for former insureds of a compulsory French plan and those in charge of family).

Who can join the CFE?

Any person of French nationality or national of a Member State of the U.E having previously been affiliated to the French regime and residing abroad.

The membership is simple and the rates of the CFE adapt to each member. The amount of contributions depends on your age, your income, your status (employee, student, retired …), and the number of risks subscribed. You can directly join online (for employees and students) before or during your stay.

To date, the CFE insures more than 200,000 people around the world.

CFE and WellAway: Your Health Insurance in the United States

In order to meet the requirements of the Obamacare (ACA) law, the CFE has teamed up with WellAway to create a unique product in the US market that allows both to keep the benefits of social security while being in compliance with ACA law.

The WellAway + program CFE, " Life abroad Was specially designed to meet the needs of French expatriates and adapt to their lifestyle. You benefit from the most comprehensive health benefits available for French expatriates.

Thanks to the partnership between WellAway and the CFE, the repayment method is simplified.

In addition, each member is assigned a counselor to help them understand the US health care system and assist them in their health efforts.


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