Once again, the reading community of French Morning has been at the rendezvous. Our last fundraising campaign, in "Equity crowdfunding" allowed 125 shareholders to join us.

In total, we raised nearly $ 100,000, twice the minimum needed to confirm the campaign. The average investment is $ 750, but the contributions are very varied: from $ 105 – the required minimum – to $ 25,000. The entire team of French Morning Media Group sends a big thank you to everyone.

These new investors are mainly based in the United States (84%), but there are ten in the United Kingdom and five in Quebec, resulting from our recent presence in London and Montreal. In the United States, California is the winner, with 20 investors, ahead of Florida and New York tied (15 each).

Our initial goal was $ 200,000. We will continue the effort, outside crowdfunding, with "business angels", while starting to prepare our launch in Asia, goal of this campaign. From this point of view, events in Hong Kong require us to revise the initial plans, but we are still aiming for a first opening on the Asian continent during the year 2020, while continuing to develop the Montreal and London editions. , launched following the previous crowdfunding operation, two years ago.


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