Narayana Cabral, one of those affected by the fire recorded the moments when he was looking for his mother.

A hotel two-story burst into flame early this Friday at Mid-City area, in The Angels, the authorities reported. As a result, one person lost his life and 6 were taken to the hospital.

Around 2:00 in the morning the firefighters answered a number call 8686 from Venice Boulevard, for what they called "a major fire alarm", with fire on both floors of the Venice hotel. Fire Department staff reported the death of a man, and 6 people who were in the hotel were injured, three of them in severity condition. People allegedly live on the site.

Subsequently, it was reported that also one of the firemen who acted in the fire fight too I was receiving medical attentiondue to damage respiratory caused by smoke; Fortunately, it is in stable condition.

The incident affected the circulation in the area, as the stretch of Venice at the height of La Ciénaga It was closed for hours, until 10 in the morning, approximately.

Authorities are still investigating the causes of the fire, but it was probably because of an electric heater that was apparently near combustible material, Fire Department officials said.


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